A Quiet, Joyous Expectation of Good

“The Law of Expectations: Whatever you expect with confidence tends to materialize in the world around you.”  Brian Tracy

“Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good. ” Ernest Holmes

Today I was having a conversation with some family and friends about how amazingly warm the temperature is on the east coast right now. (They like to rub it in as I live on the west coast. :)) While we were talking about the warm weather,  I noticed my conversation drifting into a negative place and  I heard myself say,” That’s scary though, imagine how warm the summer will be?”

Later that day I was listening to the “Trust Your Vibes” radio show and Sonia Choquette was talking about the same warm weather and how amazing it was. She also said, “many people say it’s scary, but really it is a gift. Can we just all allow ourselves to enjoy it?”

I was so glad she said that, as it made me realize that I had a negative expectation and fears that the east coast summer is going to be way too hot. While it is true no one can predict how the summer will be exactly, it made me realize that instead of finding fear in what is happening now and what might happen tomorrow, what is important is to enjoy each day, and  like Sonia said, ” see it is a gift to enjoy.” I am also open to letting go of negative expectations about our weather and to shifting my thoughts to seeing a calm, beautiful perfect summer for all.

What negative expectations can you let go of about the planet or about your life? Affirm and visualize the future you do want.

Affirm: I appreciate all the gifts that nature offers me.

If you still have any fears about our planet and the environment, then I invite you to let them go and  join me in saying this beautiful prayer. It was written for earth day but it still works perfectly well today, as every day is earth day. Earth Day Meditation, Doreen Virtue – YouTube

Photo by: Marco Antonio