A New Day – a New Possibility

“As you move out of the past and open up to the present, you wake up into a new day, a new time, where you are free to be all you ever imagined.” Debbie Ford
I love life. Each moment gives us the opportunity to start over, make a fresh start and become who we are meant to be. I have just completed my coach training. I am so excited about the new journey I am embarking upon and who I am becoming. I’ve had many challenges, as becoming a coach has forced me to look within and face my issues. Two major issues I have had to embrace, are the facts that I have been quite impulsive in the past and I can be or have been quite hard on myself. Thankfully, I now know that I can change through being gentle with myself and not by giving myself a kick in the pants. I am grateful that I have learned this, because for a while I really struggled with what I was going to name my coaching company and my blog. I registered about 3 different domain names and about 8 different blogs at the beginning of my training and I was so confused. Instead of beating myself up, I let go and took some time off to think about it, trusting the answers would come. After much thought, I have decided to go with www.jamiesmithcoaching.com (it is being built at the moment so not much to look at, but it’s going to look fantastic) and now this blog has the same name for branding consistency. (Thanks for the tips Kerri Richardson). This is my first blog post of my new blog. My blog posts will be shorter and more frequent with the intention of inspiring and supporting you to create a life you love. Every day is a new beginning, a chance to reinvent ourselves and become who we are capable of becoming. Who will you become?



Coaching tip: Today is a new day. Be willing to let go of the past and become who you were meant to be.

What can you do today to start over in an area of your life that you have been struggling with, create a fresh start and a new beginning for yourself?
What do you need to let go of in order to reinvent yourself?

Affirm: Every day is a new beginning!

Here is a video to inspire you.

Image by Melody Campbell